Birds of a Feather

Girl illustrations inspired by winged creatures.


Birds of a Feather Let Me Fly | Let Me Fly, back to the sky, I wish to see, my dream sunlight.
Birds of a Feather Migration | Dawn breaks, thousand wings flapping. I am leaving, a small part of me behind.
Birds of a Feather Over the Meadow Field | Foggy meadow before the dawn, tiny dews floating in the air, dropping kisses on my skin, my lips, and all over you.
Birds of a Feather Two Soulds, One Heart | When I asleep, you're awake; We are so close, yet we never met; We are both in one soul, but where do our soul reside.
Birds of a Feather The Dream Weaver | Threads by threads, colours by colours, slowly she weaved through her fingers, and became a piece of dream.
Birds of a Feather Winter Warmer | Snow's falling quietly and softly, let's go to bed, I'll warm you up...
Birds of a Feather Midnight Orchestra | Sometimes we have so much burden, other times we have so much obligation; But just for tonight, we shall put everything behind, and sing our hearts out.
Birds of a Feather Silent Tears | I will be alright, I will be strong; But at the moment, please bear with me, and support me.